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Welcome to the artistic- musical world of Guido Ferrari, pianist and organist very found of any kind of music. I have devoted and I am still devoting most of my time to studying classic music, playing overall pieces of the classic, romantic and late romantic romantic period. In fact, this is the ten year -course of study at “ Consevartorio”. Quite exacting and with a lot of subjects, but necessary to get my two diplomas one in piano and the other in organ. As to me, after obtaining the first in 2002, I decided to go on with my studies of organ, an instrument I have been playing in my parish for some years as an amateur. Thanks to the organ, I have got in touch with lots of people and, particularly with the experience with the choirs; I have hade the opportunity of enlarging both my musical and cultural knowledge and to deepen my human relations. The need to renew my repertoire and, as a musician, to work in a better harmony with a group, has led me to develop a great interest in the research of other competences, informatics included, very useful to find new materials of study. In the last five years I have committed myself to this particular choral field whose repertoires you will be able to know in my site. I have experimented them with words an melodies suitable for the youngest; besides I have made arrangements of pieces written for polyphonic choir of adults or solo voice with instrumental backing. Together, if you like, we can select a significant opera repertoire with pieces on theme or chosen according to the historical periods they belong to. Moreover I would like to stress the importance of the musical-popular works of excellent Ligurian composers recently dead.

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